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Max Dent Ortho

Is an excellent Pedodontic/Orthodontic & Dentofacial Orthopedic Laboratory that caters for the entire laboratory need.

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We have more than 25+ years of experience in orthodontic and dento-facial orthopedic laboratory appliance fabrication. Our appliance range starts from simple Hawley’s appliance to fix functional and Clear Aligners. We custom fabricate appliances as requested by you. All the systems are of international quality and affordable price.

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Why to select MaxDent Ortho?

We are aware that time is money for you.

We know that you have hoped for a well-trained assistant’s help to address each patient’s specific requirement for orthodontic appliance. And that’s exactly we at MaxDent Ortho provides with MDO appliances. Many of these systems are available in local markets. But unfortunately inferior quality of low cost one(may be fabricating by un-trained technicians)and high quality one(imported)are unaffordable.MDO appliances are the combination of High quality at affordable price by fabricating any appliance after doing proper individual study of the cast, case and treatment options. Thus we can assure you MDO appliances solution designed to your exact specification and customized to meet the needs of your patient. We deliver the best appliances at higher quality passed through strict quality control.