Sasi K.K

Managing Director


Sasi KK, has completed his dental technician course from Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum in 1993. Soon after he joined Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davengere to pursue his career as an orthodontic technician
He developed his orthodontic knowledge by working under the guidance of Orthodontic icon Dr. K Sadashiva Shetty. His expertise and advices helped him to explore more about orthodontic techniques .

He ran “Oasis Ortho”, an Orthodontic lab in Davangere from 1993 to 2004. He is active with Maxdent Orthodontic since 2004.
He is an expert in fabrication of Orthopedic and functional appliances. Moreover, Sasi KK has also been a participant and part of the faculty in many international courses and conferences .